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Guardian Angel

In my dreams you came,
cloaked in radiant hues of shimmering light.

Down from heaven
to my humble abode that bears witness to my daily toils.

Celestial being of unspeakable beauty,
What tidings, my heart wonders, do you bring tonight?

You smiled warmly, my Angel,
gazing at me with eyes of the brightest blue.

No words were spoken,
but my tired soul feels an overwhelming sense of peace.

No more loneliness and pain.
I feel the love and protection of your benevolent presence.

Guardian spirit from above,
be my guide and protector as I live my earthly life.

And when my life on earth is done,
guide me through Heaven’s doors that I may see Jesus’ face.

–sally lo–

(angel art from glitter graphics)


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My Quiet Hour

Night falls on the eastern hill,

the day’s warm wind turns to cool everning breeze

 Moonlight kisses the windowsill

of my own quiet place where my mind lays at ease.


Here I sit in my little room.

Same time each night with a quiet, hopeful heart,

surrendering despair and gloom,

knowing that tomorrow I’ll make a brand new start.


This is my quiet hour with the Lord.

He comes with promises of a bright new morning.

The broken pieces of my being, restored,

as He sends his words of love on angel wings.


My erstwhile restless, pained psyche

finds solace in solitude…finds healing for the spirit.

Comfort for a soul tired and weary

These, your words, oh Lord–my inspiration and respite.


Tomorrow, I face a brand-new day.

This renewed spirit now prepared to face adversity

The Lord guides me as I trust and obey

His words of wisdom, words of love that inspire me.

–sally lo–

(angel art from glitter graphics)

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