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I was bitten by the shutterbug five moons ago.

I procured a DSLR camera and started clicking away like there is no tomorrow. I’m not a particularly skilled photographer, but I can claim to be very resourceful and passionate when it comes to my photographic works.

My baby is a Nikon D40X, probably the best camera one can get at its price. It is nbt top of the line, but it most certainly is a workhorse. Nothing beats Nikon and Nikkor when it comes to quality images. Tack sharp!

My Nikon D40X comes with an 18-55 mm kit lens. It’s a fine lens for starters. However, I have found that the more I fall into photography’s clutches, the more I feel the limitations of a kit lens. Somehow, the range at a lot of times seem not far enough, or the F-stop does not go low enough, or similar issues. Nonetheless, I should not be complaining as I have yet to explore the camera kit’s full potential. Getting the whole range of lenses that I want seem as impractical as asking a toddler to walk steadily in her Mom’s high-heeled shoes.

So, there…I hope that after a few more months, I will have a few shots that I can (dare to) post proudly on my site.


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