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I hate going to the doctors. They seldom bring me good news because I am not the type who sees a doctor for regular checkups. Therefore, a doctor visit for me often indicates that something must be wrong with me already.

Four plus months after the onset of my shoulder trouble, I finally dragged myself to see an ortho doctor and actually returned for a follow-up visit a week later for my shoulder pain (main complaint in my previous blog entry). I came close to boxing the good doctor for doing some really painful tests for my rotator cuff. Now I know that these are called supraspinatus test, Neer’s test, and drop arm test among others. Actually going through those tests gave more meaning to those medical terms that I have been hearing in the doctors’ dictations.

My second visit was more unpleasant than the first one. I was on an NSAID pill and an antiinflammatory cream for a week and the meds have barely kicked in. On my return visit, I was referred by Dr. #1 to Dr. #2 who did the same set of tests all over again. Dang! He fell a few seconds short of my kick response. I thought that the worst was over, but then I found myself dazedly saying “Yes” to physical therapy referral on the same day. It didn’t sound bad, really–ultrasound, electrical stimulation, hot packs and then some exercises. Boy, was I wrong!

I tolerated ultrasound, the TENS unit, and the hot pack quite well. And then the manipulation and the forced exercises happened. I was forced to move my arm in all directions, just 10 counts each. But it was like a trip to hell! I never thought that 10 counts of raising the arm overhead could make me want to scream, scratch and kick the hapless PT who was assigned to me. The bad news is that I also have to do those exercises at home. Of course, I can’t scream at, scratch and kick myself, so I just gritted my teeth and carried on with the home program. No pain, no gain. The thought of possibly needing steroid injections straight into the tendons or shoulder surgery this early is enough to send me into a compliant mode.

Thus far, I have survived session 1 of PT and two days of home program. I am supposed to have at about 6-8 sessions of PT and then further PT programs depending on my progress. I am not too happy, but I guess I don’t have much choice.

Wish me luck!


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Is this the end of my medical transcription career?

About four months ago, I started having minor problems with my shoulder. BenGay has been my best friend, or in its absence, the is Omega Pain Killer to fall back on. I smell of mentholated cream almost 24/7. A good thing I do not go out much. I would surely get strange looks from passersby with my strange scent. If there is any consolation, all that menthol seemed to have cleared my sinuses a bit.

The past few weeks, I feel that my shoulder problem has worsened. If have developed almost all the signs and symptoms of a rotator cuff tear.

On the brighter side, I can still say, “Hallelujah! I am still so blessed. It’s the left shoulder and not the right!” Yes, I am right handed like most people I know.

Best of all, my camera is light enough to hold with one hand. I can always use a tripod. Ha! 😀

My life’s like that..always a roller-coaster ride. There always are a lot of things for me to be thankful for, and there are also seemingly endless hurdles that I need to clear. Either way, there always is a bit of excitement and/or drama. Sometimes I just sit back and observe the goings on in my life with much amusement.

If my sister finds out about this, she will again blame it on my being a menopausal baby, assembled with leftover genetic material upon conception. I will again have to retort that genetic perfection takes time. God allows parents to make several prototypes before producing the final perfect baby. 😀

Oh well…just join me in this roller-coaster ride. I am trying to muster enough courage to visit an orthopedic surgeon.

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