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Exactly how many pair of Chucks does a young man need in his lifetime? 🙂

My son, JC, is your average normal teenager–full of dreams but usually care-free, wanting to save some money for a lot of his “needs” and yet longs for the things that most mothers (and other elders) consider as “wants.” He is always full of good intentions, believe me. Despite his list of his wants and needs, he is quite a practical young man.

For his birthday tomorrow, I was thinking of giving him a gift of my choice, but then I thought that he just might prefer to pick out something on his own. And I was right. I gave him a figure that I am prepared to spend as his birthday gift. I was a bit surprised though when he announced that he “needs” another pair of Chuck Taylor. Another pair of Chucks? When we went shopping a few months back, he bought two pairs of Chucks. He didn’t want the standard ones. He wants all of his Chucks to look a bit different from the normal ones. Oh well, I shouldn’t complain too much. Chucks don’t cost as much as the Nikes and the Adidases on the shelves.

JC is the kind of shopper that I am not. I am the type who targets specific items on the shelf/rack, makes a beeline to the counter to pay for the merchandise, and then heads for home. Not so with JC. We had to comb SM Department store, The Block, and several other sporting good stores in the mall before finding his perfect pair of chucks at one of those nice shoe boutiques. The pair of Chucks he picked is a killer in terms of eyelet count and shoelace length. It requires two pairs of laces, one white and one red. The red one is about three yards long–maybe more! It took two salesclerks more than 15 minutes to figure out how to lace up the Chucks. The funny thing is that on our way home, JC withstood several minutes of motion sickness to unlace the shoes and create his own lace-up design. Boys…*sigh*. I can never understand them. 😉

JC did pick up something else before we headed home–a couple of tee-shirts and a pair of pants. At least it wasn’t 100% Chuck shopping this time around. 🙂


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